WinterCel 2019

Winter Celebration (WinterCel) is our Synod's annual weekend retreat for youth in grades 9-12 and their adult advisors.  We have Large Group and Small Group gatherings that consist of singing, comedy, faith sharing and presentations on an event theme.  The Annual Talent Show is held on Saturday afternoon during Free Time and in the evenings there is time to relax in the cottages and talk with other youth and adults from your congregation and other congregations about Winter Celebration.


The Virginia Synod holds amazing events for our Lutheran youth, and recently our 9th – 12th grade youth attended Winter Cel!  They all had an amazing time and shared some of their thoughts with us in service when they returned.  Here are some thoughts from some of the other participants as well. Once again, thank you so very much to Tammy Lane and James Shiels for chaperoning them on this trip.  Your time and efforts are so greatly appreciated!


      For me I enjoyed the large groups, all the singing and goofing off was awesome.  The small groups where we would play games and meet new people and threaten their life if we didn’t see them at Kairos was great!😊I also had the best time renewing the relationships I have built with some of my new best friends I know.  I can’t remember the theme too well, but the planning group was fun and lively making the skits even better.- Ethan Ferguson



      Overall Winter Cel was one of the best weekends of my life.  The theme, Faith in Action not only strengthened my connection with God, but also opened my eyes to other peoples faith.  Although the weather was cold and rainy, I still loved the atmosphere of the whole event.  Everybody was nice to everyone else and I felt very safe there.  - Sean Klein



      I am 17, in the eleventh grade, and my thoughts on this Winter Cel was that it had to be one of the best ones so far.  I am sad that I only have two more events left.  The theme was Faith in Action, they acted out how a person was dying on the side of the road and everyone walked by, but then this one person stopped to help him, got him a room at an inn and made a difference.  I am sad that I only have two more of these events left to attend. Every time I go I meet new friends and experience something different every time.  This year I was very happy because I got to be the one in the group who was the most talkative, which I am usually not.  So I would say that I had an amazing time! - Aaron Belcher


        These are just some of the thoughts from a few participants.  These events are very moving for the youth, emotionally, building strong friendships, learning new things, and all through Faith.  Thank you so much to everyone who contributes to our fundraisers, participating or otherwise, and the generous donations which help provide the transportation, and also funds youth who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate.  We appreciate you and we always speak of how these experiences wouldn’t be possible without us all working together and giving so that we can create these memories and grow in faith with so much support from each of you!