A Message from Pastor Kaye

Grace and Peace to you:

With the unofficial start of summer past, (Memorial Day) lots of things change.  School is out and parents, students, teachers, bus drivers and all staff in general have their own celebrations. In some ways we seem to slow down a little.  And that is a blessing.

Our life at Faith changes some also. Our Wednesday night worship continues but on Sunday we change to 1 service each Sunday, instead of 2.  It is my hope that as we continue this tradition, we can see how we can use this in such positive ways, making it an advantage. Of course, it is one more change we have to settle into our schedule. But what a joy it is to gather the people of the 8:30 and 11:00 service into one. Some people you may have not seen since last summer. And some new people who may have been attending the service you don’t. So friendships can be renewed, new ones started. Relationships strengthened. We are so blessed having both musicians (most of the time) together.

To give God glory is why we are here. We hear the Word of God, receive the Blessed Sacrament, carry one another’s burdens, and share our joys. And we are sent out into God’s world to love as God loves us. I pray that we all are nourished and renewed this summer!


Pr Kaye